The Villa of Diomedes Project

The Resurrection of a Major Villa in Pompeii

The “Villa of Diomedes” program, initiated in 2012, is an interdisciplinary and international project, involving partners from various fields: archaeology, history, computer vision, structural engineering and earth science. It was funded in 2012 by the joint laboratory Microsfoft Research / INRIA, in 2013 by the CNRS and the Paris Sciences Lettres (PSL*) initiative, and supported by the Soprintendenza speciale per i beni archeologici di Pompei, Ercolano e Stabia.
The program is is planned until 2017, while being integrated in a program ANR A program that started in 2015 ([RECAP “Reconstruire après un séisme. Expériences antiques et innovations à Pompéi”, Rebuilding after an earthquake. Ancient experiences and innovations in Pompeii->http://recap.huma-num.fr/webpublic/?lang=