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  • Homepage:
    • Photo in the banner: Thomas Crognier (villa Diomedes and Vesuvius).
  • Research page:
    • Photo in the banner: Alban-Brice Pimpaud - (reconstruction of the Villa Diomedes in its final state).
  • Team & Partners page:
    • Photo in the banner: Thomas Crognier (Florence Monier and Mathilde Carrive in the villa Diomedes).
  • References page:
    • Image in the banner: Thomas Crognier (photo mounting).
  • Interactive Visit page:
    • Image in the banner: Alban-Brice Pimpaud - (restitution of part of the garden of Villa Diomede: summer triclinium and pond.)
  • Archives Database page:
    • Image in the banner: screenshot of the interface created by Agnès Tricoche.
  • Legal Notice and Credits page:
    • Photo in the banner: Thomas Crognier (detail of one of the mosaics of the villa diomedes preserved in the Regia di Portici, on the floor of the "Cabinetto di Lavoro").


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